Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love or lust?

It can start with an unexpected and powerful electric shock to your system. Your instincts go into overdrive before you see, hear or smell them. Your body reacts without your consent. When your eyes meet theirs for the first time your heart stops then begins to beat in an uncomfortable rhythm. As they are drawn to you, getting close enough to touch, you loose the ability to breathe. Your whole body feels their presence; every hair on your arms, every smell is magnified, your mouth goes dry and every inch of you tingles. You are like two powerful magnets that must come together.

It makes no sense; there is no logical reason as to why you are in a constant state of disruption when they are near. Gentle butterflies turn into a fire breathing dragon in your gut. You want to run to them, to embrace that electricity, to feed off of it, to dive into it head first and bathe in its beauty. Sometimes that’s exactly what we do without a clear thought of the consequences of our reckless abandon.

Is this love at first sight or pure unadulterated lust?

Lust prevents all rational thought and blocks sane emotions from climbing to the surface. It turns the most docile individual into a rabid animal tearing at any and all barriers between you, fighting wildly to get an ounce of satisfaction. What happens when lust is acted on? What is the end result? Do you exhale a sigh of relief because an itch has been scratched? Will your thirst be quenched or will you be left parched? This one act can at times ruin lives. It can take away trust, break lifelong bonds and create a festering, oozing wound forever.

Lust is a momentary hormonal reaction without a true foundation to build a meaningful, lasting relationship. Lust is not solid providing only a fleeting physical satisfaction leaving you emotionally empty and unfulfilled on the deepest possible levels. And yet, the desire for this meaningless satisfaction is so great that we sometimes risk everything.

True love grows and blooms similar to the beautiful strong oak tree. It stands tall upon solid roots with outstretched branches cradling lush green leaves. The mighty oak has humble beginnings and takes the time needed to grow.

It can take up to 50 years for an oak to grow and mature to a point of producing acorns. They are fragile and susceptible to destruction from the simplest force of nature. They need protection. Only with constant nutrition and good conditions will one in ten-thousand get a chance to reach for the sky.

The only thing to keep these 100 foot trees from toppling over during a rough storm is the roots it put down as a tiny acorn hundreds of years prior. Its branches, leaves, flowers and acorns can be burned, broken and destroyed, but the roots are strong and deep.

What are the chances that the one you’ve chosen to love is the one in ten-thousand who will protect, nourish and grow strong roots with you to ensure your love will last? Does true love begin with a jarring electric shock or is it gentle and slow growing? I believe it’s different for everyone. Each of us has the same opportunity to be the one in ten-thousand that make it. A powerful shock can knock an acorn to the ground giving it the chance to put down roots.

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